Win at Casinos and Transform 5 Vehicles to Hot Rod Cars

A hot rod is an activity wherein a certain car is modified in order to have a bigger engine that has more horsepower and torque. Today, it is also referred to restoring old cars, giving them a new look, and making them usable.

You may not have noticed it but a lot of people who play slots at online casinos tend to take with them hot rod cars. We believe that the primary reason why they do so is because of how regal older cars look. And now that it has been modified, they can bring it wherever they want.

If you are planning to spend your winnings on your let it ride casino poker game to get your own hot rod, then you might want to know which cars are the best to modify. The list below is just some of the common but the best cars that can be hot rod cars.

1929 Ford Model T

Featured PostImages Win at Casinos and Transform 5 Vehicles to Hot Rod Cars 1929 Ford Model T - Win at Casinos and Transform 5 Vehicles to Hot Rod Cars

Before the Volkswagen Beetle snatched the title of the being the world’s highest selling vehicle, Model T was there first. This one will give you the feeling of being in a movie because of how old it is.

This is an easy buy since there are tons of replicas being made all over the world. However, if you are looking for an original Model T, it might cost you thousands of dollars and great effort as it is rare to find one.

1937 Lincoln Zephyr

Featured PostImages Win at Casinos and Transform 5 Vehicles to Hot Rod Cars 1937 Lincoln Zephyr - Win at Casinos and Transform 5 Vehicles to Hot Rod Cars

Have you seen a picture of this one in maroon-red paint? Well, you’ll surely think that you are such a badass riding in one. The classic Lincoln Zephyr almost looks like a relative of the beetle because of its round edges.

But it is also sleeker and has a shape like a sled. This is another rare and expensive find. Lucky for you, there are replicas available that you can use.

1950s Mercury Hardtop

Another sleek, sled-looking vehicle like the Lincoln Zephyr but a much easier find. This one is commonly seen in movies as a car used by cool guys to drive girls around. Since this is the kind of vehicle that you can find right away, it is unbelievably cheaper than others.

1932 Ford Roaster

Of course, Ford Roaster is one of the options. This bad boy is one of the most sought-after hot rod cars in exhibits. Well, no one would really pass this one because this is one of the most iconic American cars out there.

No roof, cool design, and perfect for joyrides. However, this car is extremely rare so you’ll really need a great deal of luck to find one.

Volkswagen Type 1

We surely wouldn’t leave out one of the most common cars of the yesteryears. Surely you might say that it is not as attractive as the previous cars but when you make hot rod cars, your imagination is the limit.

Remember, you are not looking for a car that has already been made beautifully. You are looking for a car that you could turn into the car that you’ve always dreamt of. Now, if you’re having second thoughts on these cars since a lot of them recommends the use of replicas, don’t.

Again, you will be modifying the car itself. This would mean that even if it is a replica, you can still do something about its parts. What you should be after is its outside appearance, and of course, whether it would fit your budget or not.

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